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Course, academic year 2017/2018
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Immunology in Dentistry - B81144 (Zubní lékařství AP)
English title: Imunologie v zubním lékařství
Guaranteed by: Institute of Immunology and Microbiology First Faculty of Medicine Charles University in Prague (11-00351)
Faculty: First Faculty of Medicine
Actual: from 2015
Semester: summer
Points: 3
E-Credits: 3
Examination process: summer s.:
Hours per week, examination: summer s.:1/0 C [hours/week]
Volume of tuition: 15 [hours]
Capacity: unlimited
Min. number of students: unlimited
State of the course: taught
Language: English
Teaching methods: full-time
Explanation: MUDr. Mgr. Jitka Petanová, CSc.,
Guarantor: prof. RNDr. Libuše Kolářová, CSc.
Comes under: Compulsory for Dentistry 2.y._17/18
Attributes: Teoretický předmět
Zubní lékařství
Pre-requisite : {splněna jedna z anatomií}, B81129, B82680
Is pre-requisite for: B81162
Annotation -
Last update: PET04238 (20.02.2009)

The role of the immune system during the disease of the oral cavity with respect to mucosal immunity. The importance of the oral tolerance to keep the oral health. Reactions to dental materials used in stomatology.
Literature -
Last update: PET04238 (04.03.2011)

LAMONT R.J., BURNE´R.A., LANTZ M.S., LEBLANC D. eds.: Oral microbiology and immunology ASM Press Washington DC, 2006

Městecký J., editor. Mucosal Immunology. Elsevier Academic Press, 2005

Education plan -
Schedule semestral
Educational week Date From - To Education type Theme Teacher Note
1026.04.201814:15 - 16:30lectureOral cavity diseases I. - dental caries, periodontal diseases, oral mucosa diseasesRNDr. Štěpán Podzimek, Ph.D.UIM- seminary room. Immunology lectures precede in educational weeks 2-10!
1207.05.201815:45 - 16:30lectureOral cavity diseases II. - dental caries, periodontal diseases, oral mucosa diseasesRNDr. Štěpán Podzimek, Ph.D. 
10.05.201814:15 - 16:30lectureOral manifestations of systemic diseases. Dental materials, pigmentations.RNDr. Štěpán Podzimek, Ph.D. 
1421.05.201815:45 - 16:30lectureGalvanism and metal intolerance diagnostics.RNDr. Štěpán Podzimek, Ph.D. 
24.05.201814:15 - 16:30practicalsSummary. Credit test. Credits. MUDr. Mgr. Jitka Petanová, CSc.dr. Podzimek
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