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Courses overview, academic year 2020/2021
  Code Classification number of available courses
detail PSYCDX Clinical Psychology 10
detail PSYCOM Communication 1
detail PSYEXT External Subjects 9
detail PSYFOP Foundations of Psychology 47
detail PSYGEN General Subjects 1
detail PSYPAP Seminars and Student Papers 7
detail PSYPED Educational Psychology 13
detail PSYPRT Practice and Practical Training 7
detail PSYPWO Psychology of Work and Organization 1
detail PSYSFP Special Fields of Psychology 27
detail PSYSOC Social Psychology 8
detail PSYSUC Supplementary Courses 10
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detail OBPS13082 Pupil's Perception of Time and Relationship towards Future summer summer s.:2/0 C [HT] 41-KPSY 11410
detail OBPS13062 Gender in School summer summer s.:1/1 MC [DS] 41-KPSY 11410
detail OBPS13001 General Psychology I winter winter s.:1/1 C+Ex [HT] 41-KPSY 11410
detail OBPS13057 Approaching the Children Group both 0/2 MC [HS] 41-KPSY 11410
detail OBPS13028 Psychological Diagnostics for Teachers summer summer s.:2/0 MC [HS] 41-KPSY 11410
detail OBPS13083 Gender Psychology winter winter s.:1/1 MC [HT] 41-KPSY 11410
detail OBPS13084 Psychology of Culture both 1/1 MC [HT] 41-KPSY 11410
detail APS300401 Psychology of Radicalization winter winter s.:1/1 Ex [HT] 21-KPS 11210
detail OBPS13085 Communication Theory summer summer s.:1/1 C [HT] 41-KPSY 11410
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