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Courses overview, academic year 2019/2020
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detail CCVSZZ3PH Celkový výsledek státní závěrečné zkoušky summer summer s.:0/0 --- [HT] 12-HYG 11120
detail CCVSZZK Celkový výsledek státní závěrečné zkoušky- Zdravotní vědy winter winter s.:0/0 --- [HT] 12-ULEO 11120
detail CBFSZZKF Physiotherapy winter winter s.:0/0 STEX [HT] 12-REHA 11120
detail CBFCVSZZK Fyzioterapie - celkový výsledek SZZK winter winter s.:0/0 --- [HT] 12-REHA 11120
detail CRHB005P3 Physiotherapy and rehabilitation of neurological patients with CNS depression winter winter s.:10/30 C+Ex [HS] 12-REHA 11120
detail CRHBPY2 Physiotherapy II. - Methods and Concepts of Kinesiotherapy winter winter s.:60/180 C [HS]
summer s.:60/180 C+Ex [HS]
12-REHA 11120
detail CRHBPY3 Physiotherapy III. - Applied winter winter s.:60/75 C [HS]
summer s.:0/304 C+Ex [HS]
12-REHA 11120
detail CRHB004P3 Physiotherapy III.- Applied winter winter s.:75/90 C [HS]
summer s.:0/300 C+Ex [HS]
12-REHA 11120
detail D0306015 Gynaecology summer summer s.:1/0 C+Ex [HT] 13-390 11130
detail CRHB006P3 Surgical Subjects winter winter s.:60/0 C+Ex [TS] 12-CHIR 11120
detail CRHBSG3 Surgical Subjects winter winter s.:0/75 C+Ex [TS] 12-CHIR 11120
detail CRHBIM2 Internal Subjects 1 summer summer s.:30/15 C [HS] 12-1INK 11120
detail CRHBIM3 Internal Subjects winter winter s.:0/45 C+Ex [HS] 12-1INK 11120
detail CRHB007P3 Internal Subjects winter winter s.:30/15 C+Ex [HS] 12-1INK 11120
detail CRHBNF3 Clinical Neurophysiology winter winter s.:2/0 C+Ex [HT] 12-REHA 11120
detail CRH001P2 Clinical Neurophysiology winter winter s.:45/0 C+Ex [HS] 12-REHA 11120
detail CRHBNE2 Neurology summer summer s.:30/15 C [HS] 12-NEUR 11120
detail CRHBNE3 Neurology II. winter winter s.:0/45 C+Ex [HS] 12-NEUR 11120
detail CRHB008P3 Neurology II. winter winter s.:30/0 C+Ex [HS] 12-NEUR 11120
detail CSZZKOSE Nursing winter winter s.:0/0 STEX [HT] 12-UOS 11120
detail CRHBPD3 Paediatrics winter winter s.:0/45 C+Ex [HS] 12-KDD 11120
detail CRHB009P3 Paediatrics winter winter s.:30/15 C+Ex [HS] 12-KDD 11120
detail CPH001S3 Preventive Medicine summer summer s.:0/0 STEX [HT] 12-HYG 11120
detail CSZZ2PHPL Preventive Medicine summer summer s.:0/0 STEX [HT] 12-HYG 11120
detail CRHBPO3 Prosthetics and Orthotics summer summer s.:30/15 C+Ex [HT] 12-REHA 11120
detail CRHBPT3 Psychiatry - physiotherapy winter winter s.:20/10 C+Ex [HT] 12-PCHI 11120
detail D0703005 Psychosomatics winter winter s.:2/0 C+Ex [HT] 13-432 11130
detail CRHBTH3 Psychotherapy summer summer s.:1/2 C+Ex [HT] 12-PCHO 11120
detail CRHBXR2 Radiology summer summer s.:1/2 C+Ex [HT] 12-RADK 11120
detail D0702004 Social Rehabilitation summer summer s.:2/0 C+Ex [HT] 13-432 11130
detail D0305207 PT and Sports of Disabled winter winter s.:1/1 C [HT] 13-432 11130
detail CSZZ1PHVY Nutrition summer summer s.:0/0 STEX [HT] 12-HYG 11120
detail CRHBEG2 Occupational Therapy winter winter s.:15/15 C+Ex [HS] 12-REHA 11120
detail CRHBSD2 Physical Training and Sports of Disabled Persons winter winter s.:0/30 C [HT] 12-REHA 11120
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