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Courses overview, academic year 2023/2024
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  Code Classification number of available courses
detail GEGCAR Cartography 9
detail GEGCOM Communications and Mass Media 2
detail GEGDID Didactics of Geography 7
detail GEGECL GeoEcology 7
detail GEGENV Ecology and Environmentalism 10
detail GEGEXT External Subjects 1
detail GEGGEN General Subjects 36
detail GEGGIN GeoInformatics 10
detail GEGPHG Physical Geography 44
detail GEGRPG Regional and Political Geography 25
detail GEGSOC Social Geography and Regional Development 35
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detail MZ300E005 Landscape Changes and Society summer summer s.:2/0, Ex [HT] 31-301 11310 no no
detail MZ330P28 Regional Geography and Environment of Canada summer summer s.:1/1, Ex [HT] 31-330 11310 no no
detail MZ300E004 Selected Chapters from Physical and Human Geography of Czechia winter winter s.:1/1, Ex [HT] 31-301 11310 no no
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