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Faculty: Faculty of Physical Education and Sport   
Course: PFYB033C Biochemistry
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Person: doc. Mgr. Michal Šteffl, Ph.D.   
Department: Fyziologie (51-500200)   
Actual from: 10.01.2020   
Actual until: 30.09.2020   
Notice created: 10.01.2020 13:59   
Last change: 10.01.2020 13:59 
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Dear students,

You had visited me a couple of times last year asking me to sort out your problems with Biochemistry. Therefore, I prepared an examination for you. The examination took place on Tuesday January 7. However, I was really shocked that only 2 students out of 9, who had been signed in, came. It probably was because you had not have time enough to study; therefore, I am going to prepare another test for you at the end of this examination period. For those who will fail or will not participate I will prepare last two possibilities to pass the Biochemistry in September.


Michal Steffl

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