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Committee Theatre Studies (21ORP0215) - [25298]
Divadelní věda
Theatre Studies
Oborové rady pro doktorské studijní programy [subject area board] (OR)
Faculty of Arts
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doc. Petr Christov, Ph.D. [06050] Chairman   27.06.2019  
prof. PhDr. Milena Bartlová, CSc. [15959] Members   27.06.2019  
prof. doc. PhDr. Jan Bažant, CSc. [06366] Members   27.06.2019  
doc. MgA. David Drozd, Ph.D. [42613] Members   27.06.2019  
prof. Mgr. Jaroslav Etlík [05694] Members   27.06.2019  
prof. PhDr. Pavel Janoušek, CSc. [06182] Members   27.06.2019  
prof. PhDr. Vladimír Just, CSc. [04884] Members   27.06.2019  
doc. Mgr. Martin Pšenička, Ph.D. [09194] Members   27.06.2019  
PhDr. Barbara Topolová, Ph.D. [06590] Members   27.06.2019  
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