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Committee Romance Literatures (4RLE) - [214RLE]
OR pro obor: Romance Literatures (4RLE)
Romance Literatures
Oborové rady pro doktorské studijní programy [subject area board] (OR)
Faculty of Arts
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[06684] doc. PhDr. Eva Voldřichová - Beránková, Ph.D. Chairman 1    
[15121] Mgr. et Mgr. Eva Blinková Pelánová, Ph.D. Members 1    
[06143] PhDr. Mgr. Alice Flemrová, Ph.D. Members 1    
[05283] Mgr. Šárka Grauová, Ph.D. Members 1    
[05384] prof. PhDr. Anna Housková, CSc. Members 1    
[27518] prof. PhDr. Petr Kyloušek, CSc. Members 1    
[39021] doc. PhDr. Eva Lukavská, CSc. Members 1    
[06146] prof. PhDr. Jiří Pelán, Ph.D. Members 1    
[05233] doc. PhDr. Aleš Pohorský, CSc. Members 1    
[06145] doc. Juan Antonio Sánchez Fernández, Ph.D. Members 1    
[51872] Mgr. Silvie Špánková, Ph.D. Members 1    
[45755] doc. PhDr. Marie Vožďová, Ph.D. Members 1    
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