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Committee OR pro obor: Anglofonní literatury a kultury (4ALK) (4ALK) - [214ALK]
OR pro obor: Anglofonní literatury a kultury (4ALK)
Oborové rady pro doktorské studijní programy [subject area board] (OR)
Faculty of Arts
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List of subcommittees 
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MembersFunctionOrderValid sinceValid until
prof. PhDr. Martin Procházka, CSc. [05385] Chairman 1    
prof. PhDr. Marcel Arbeit, Dr. [39053] Members 1    
Louis Armand, Ph.D. [05399] Members 1    
prof. PhDr. Jan Čermák, CSc. [05392] Members 1    
prof. Mgr. Milada Franková, M.A., CSc. [28430] Members 1    
prof. PhDr. Martin Hilský, CSc. [05389] Members 1    
doc. PhDr. Petr Chalupský, Ph.D. [29711] Members 1    
doc. PhDr. Stanislav Kolář, Dr. [39202] Members 1    
prof. PhDr. Bohuslav Mánek, CSc. [38974] Members 1    
PhDr. Soňa Nováková, CSc. [04796] Members 1    
prof. PhDr. Michal Peprník, Dr. [35999] Members 1    
prof. Mgr. Ondřej Pilný, Ph.D. [05387] Members 1    
doc. Justin Quinn, Ph.D. [05396] Members 1    
David Lee Robbins, Ph.D. [05402] Members 1    
doc. Erik Sherman Roraback, D.Phil. [05401] Members 1    
doc. Clare Wallace, M.A., Ph.D. [04799] Members 1    
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