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doc. PhDr. Jan Horský, Ph.D.
Address: Pátkova 2137/5, Praha 8 - Libeň
Office: 1.14
Additional information: http://ekdd.fhs.cuni.cz/EKDD-34.html
Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Department: Department of Ethnology and Central European and Balkan Studies (21-UESEBS)
E-mail: honza.horsky@seznam.cz
Consultation hours:
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Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Department: Department of Historical Studies (24-KHV)
E-mail: jan.horsky@fhs.cuni.cz
Consultation hours: středa 16.00–17.00 hod. v 1.14 nebo jindy po předchozí domluvě
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Faculty: Faculty of Science
Department: Department of Philosophy and History of Science (31-107)
Consultation hours:
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