- Subjects
The module Subjects is accessible to all users. According to the settings of the system it offers an overview of a complete information about a chosen subject, it displays the announced days of examination, and for teachers who are the guarantors of a subject, it offers a possibility to edit the corresponding entries.
The main menu helps to navigate through the subjects and offers several ways of searching for a subject:
  • Search... - a classical way of searching by title and other details
  • Teachers - finds all subjects of a chosen teacher
  • Department - finds all subjects of a chosen department
  • Classes - finds all subjects that belong to a chosen class
  • Classification - finds all subjects with the same classification
  • View by plans - finds subjects by branch/plan of study
  • Setup - a year to search the subjects within
More detailed information about the chosen subject can be displayed by clicking on Details, or by clicking on the code or the name of the chosen subject.