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Czech Musical Geography in Praxis IX. (10399)
Basic information
Czech Musical Geography in Praxis IX.
Variant code (CID): 10399
admission procedure in progress
Orientation: Lifelong learning programme - University of the Third Age
Faculty: Faculty of Education
Katedra hudební výchovy [41-KHV]
A two-semester practical programme of 83 hours. Introduces the musical history of Bohemia and Moravia in the context of the places, lives and works of important musical figures, institutions and events. It places these facts in broader historical and social relationships. The course takes 3 forms:

a) in the form of excursion practice with field teaching combined with expert explanations and educational games aimed at learning about the relevant objects (places, institutions, personalities, realities) and preparing for creative grasping of these issues in the final work of the students,

b) in the form of lectures presenting and systematizing historical and music theoretical contexts, selected musical works, affecting the leading stylistic and semantic features of selected compositions and aimed at understanding musical language as a specific means of communication characteristic of given personalities and stylistic periods,

c) through workshops focused on understanding musical language through practical musical activities based on active performance of music using elements of selected musical works and instrumental and vocal improvisation.

The course includes a final thesis - a music didactic reflection on selected topics (from places visited during the course).

Auxiliary curriculum:
The role of place in the history of musical culture
Sights of the place, what they are related to
The role of the place in the wider historical context
What makes a place appeal to me
How can I motivate people in my neighbourhood to visit

1 A4 page in a word processor
2 A4 pages handwritten on lined paper or similar

Electronic Interactive Learning Resources:
BĚLOHLÁVKOVÁ, P., NEDĚLKA, M., VACHUDOVÁ, E. Hudební místopis Středočeského kraje - od baroka po raný romantismus. Praha : Pedagogická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy, 2022.
Available on: Cit. 7. 3. 2024.

NEDĚLKA, M. Česká hudba poslechem. Praha : Pedagogická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy, 2023. ISBN
978-80-7603-502-7. Available on: Cit. 7. 3. 2024.

NEDĚLKA, M. Hudební formy. Praha : Pedagogická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy, 2023. ISBN
978-80-7603-503-4. Available on: Cit. 7. 3. 2024.
The graduate is able to characterize selected places in the context of musical realities, is able to take a critical position on selected personalities and musical works, is able to characterize the significance of selected personalities and their contribution to Czech and European music, is able to characterize the key stylistic and semantic features of selected compositions. On the basis of the facts learnt, he/she can elaborate a musical and didactic reflection on a topic related to the places and phenomena visited in relation to his/her own personal development.
Praktický hudební místopis České republiky
October Excursion Týn nad Bečvou – B. Smetana´s Youth,
Přerov – J. Á. Komenský in Education and Music
November Excursion Obříství – Beginning of Composition of The Bartered Bride
December Lecture
February Workshops
March Excursion Kamýk u Litoměřic – B. Smetana´s Wedding Trip
April Excursion B. Smetana and Central Bohemia, Benátky nad Jizerou
May Excursion Litomyšl, Polička – Masters of 2 Centuries
Age over 60, high school education, application form and payment by the deadlines.
Basic overview of European cultural development, overview of Czech general and musical history. Ability to complete a walking route of up to 8 km.
Active participation in full-time teaching and preparation of the final thesis.

Schedule details
Statistics for the MEYS
Music and performing arts (0215)
Course requirements and qualification acquired
závěrečná písemná práce
Certification: Osvědčení o absolvování programu
aktivní účast a reflexe učiva v závěrečné práci
Guarantor and venue
prof. PaedDr. Michal Nedělka, Dr.
Katedra hudební výchovy
Centrum celoživotního vzdělávání
PedF UK, Rettigové 4, Praha 1 a terén
Dates and duration
winter semester, October
83 (total number of hours)
October - May, 8 months
Friday - Saturday
Fees and financing
1500 Kč / kurz
K platbě za účast v programu budete vyzváni koncem června, kdy na e-mailové adrese, kterou uvedete v přihlášce, obdržíte bližší pokyny včetně bankovního spojení. Program bude nutno uhradit do 31. 8. 2024.
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Centrum celoživotního vzdělávání
Jaroslava Tomášová
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