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Extensible Provider for Windows Powershell
Thesis title in Czech: Rozšiřitelný provider pro Windows PowerShell
Thesis title in English: Extensible Provider for Windows Powershell
Key words: rozšiřitelný, provider, PowerShell, SevenZip, COM, wrapper
English key words: extensible, provider, PowerShell, SevenZip, COM, wrapper
Academic year of topic announcement: 2010/2011
Type of assignment: diploma thesis
Thesis language: angličtina
Department: Department of Distributed and Dependable Systems (32-KDSS)
Supervisor: Mgr. Pavel Ježek, Ph.D.
Author: hidden - assigned and confirmed by the Study Dept.
Date of registration: 03.08.2010
Date of assignment: 08.11.2010
Date and time of defence: 30.05.2011 00:00
Date of electronic submission:13.04.2011
Date of submission of printed version:14.04.2011
Date of proceeded defence: 30.05.2011
Reviewers: RNDr. David Obdržálek, Ph.D.
The goal of this work is to study internals of PowerShell runtime and design the architecture of the provider allowing simple file manipulation and transformation. The provider must have modular design so it can be easily extended via adapters for different kinds of files. This provider will be integrated into FrameworkShell library which is a part of the ExtBrain project. Further, the student will study SevenZip library that will be used in implementation of adapter for supported archives. The work will also include implementation of adapters for text and binary files.
* Windows PowerShell Core -
* Windows PowerShell Provider Concepts -

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