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Nelineární procesy v kosmickém plazmatu a jejich vliv na generování a šíření elektromagnetických vln
Thesis title in Czech: Nelineární procesy v kosmickém plazmatu a jejich vliv na generování a šíření elektromagnetických vln
Thesis title in English: Nonlinear processes in space plasmas and their effects on the generation and propagation of electromagnetic waves
Key words: kosmické plazma, magnetosféra, nelineární jevy, chorus
English key words: space plasma, magnetosphere, nonlinear effects, chorus
Academic year of topic announcement: 2017/2018
Type of assignment: dissertation
Thesis language:
Department: Department of Surface and Plasma Science (32-KFPP)
Supervisor: prof. RNDr. Ondřej Santolík, Dr.
Author: hidden - assigned and confirmed by the Study Dept.
Date of registration: 27.09.2018
Date of assignment: 27.09.2018
Confirmed by Study dept. on: 01.10.2018
Nonlinear effects in space plasmas influence generation and propagation of electromagnetic emissions, especially those which are generated with embedded discrete time-frequency structures. Whistler mode chorus is a good example of these waves which are found in the space environment of the Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars.

This PhD thesis work will be mainly focused on improving fundamental theoretical understanding of the nonlinear behavior of plasma waves or on numerical simulations based on current prominent theories.

Specific tasks include:
- Review of the available theoretical and experimental scientific literature in this field
- Improvements of the existing theoretical or simulation approaches
- Comparison of results with the experimental data from spacecraft missions
- Presentation of results at international meetings and preparation of publications in scientific journals
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