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Modern approach to user interfaces for e-mail
Thesis title in Czech: Moderní přístup k uživatelským rozhraním pro e-mail
Thesis title in English: Modern approach to user interfaces for e-mail
Key words: elektronická pošta, vyhledávání v textu, databáze
English key words: electronic mail, full-text search, databases
Academic year of topic announcement: 2017/2018
Type of assignment: Bachelor's thesis
Thesis language: angličtina
Department: Department of Software Engineering (32-KSI)
Supervisor: Mgr. Miroslav Kratochvíl
Author: hidden - assigned and confirmed by the Study Dept.
Date of registration: 26.09.2017
Date of assignment: 27.09.2017
Confirmed by Study dept. on: 22.11.2017
Date and time of defence: 22.06.2018 09:00
Date of electronic submission:18.05.2018
Date of submission of printed version:18.05.2018
Date of proceeded defence: 22.06.2018
Reviewers: RNDr. Dominik Škoda
Latest commercial e-mail interfaces (namely Google Mail and Inbox) have shifted the view of end-user e-mail processing: Classical folder-based, IMAP-like workflows seem obsolete when compared to instant server-side full-text search in thousands of e-mails, tag-based mail organization and easy connection to time-management features. Current possibilities of the users to run such interfaces on own trusted infrastructure without using closed-source commercial software are limited.

The thesis aims to evaluate the methods of general full-text indexing together with its application to e-mail processing, and to implement a modern e-mail interface that the users can run on-premises and that can be integrated with mail-processing infrastructure of current UNIX systems. The software will use a recent open-source text-search engine to provide the indexing functionality, and a browser-based front-end framework to create the user interface.

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