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Fyzika násobných hvězd
Thesis title in Czech: Fyzika násobných hvězd
Thesis title in English: Physics of multiple stars
Key words: dvojhvězdy, spektroskopie, hvězdné atmosféry
English key words: binary stars, spectroscopy, stellar atmospheres
Academic year of topic announcement: 2018/2019
Type of assignment: dissertation
Thesis language:
Department: Institute of Theoretical Physics (32-UTF)
Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Petr Hadrava, DrSc.
The student will deal with theoretical models of multiple stellar systems and determination of their parameters from observations.
Hadrava P. 2004, Publ. Astron. Inst. ASCR 92, 15
Kallrath J., Milone E.F. 2009, Eclipsing binary stars, Springer
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