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Dipeptidyl Peptidase-IV Activity and/or Structure Homologues : Their Role in Gliomagenesis
Thesis title in Czech: Dipeptidylpeptidáze IV aktivitou a/nebo strukturou
homologní molekuly: Jejich role v gliomagenezi
Thesis title in English: Dipeptidyl peptidase-IV Activity and/or Structure
Homologues : Their role in gliomagenesis
Academic year of topic announcement: 2009/2010
Type of assignment: dissertation
Thesis language: angličtina
Department: Institute of Biochemistry and Experimental Oncology First Faculty of Medicine Charles University (11-00140)
Supervisor: prof. MUDr. Aleksi Šedo, DrSc.
Author: hidden - assigned and confirmed by the Study Dept.
Date of registration: 30.03.2009
Date of assignment: 30.03.2009
Date and time of defence: 23.06.2009 13:00
Venue of defence: Ústav biochemie a experimentální onkologie 1. LF
Date of electronic submission:30.03.2009
Date of proceeded defence: 23.06.2009
Course: Defence of the dissertation (B90002)
Reviewers: prof. Ing. Kyra Michalová, DrSc.
  prof. MUDr. Václav Mandys, CSc.
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