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Linux kernel userspace modules
Thesis title in Czech: Linux kernel userspace modules
Thesis title in English: Linux kernel userspace modules
Academic year of topic announcement: 2006/2007
Thesis type: diploma thesis
Thesis language: angličtina
Department: Department of Software Engineering (32-KSI)
Supervisor: Mgr. Martin Děcký, Ph.D.
Author: hidden - assigned and confirmed by the Study Dept.
Date of registration: 06.11.2006
Date of assignment: 06.11.2006
Date and time of defence: 24.09.2008 00:00
Date of electronic submission:24.09.2008
Date of proceeded defence: 24.09.2008
Opponents: prof. Ing. Petr Tůma, Dr.
The Linux kernel has a monolithic design. This has several pros and cons. One of the cons is that a device driver runs in the kernel and therefore has a limited access to some resources (libraries, etc.) and is potentially a threat to the system (a bug in the driver can panic the whole kernel).

The goal of the thesis is to design an interface/framework which would simplify the communication between userspace and kernel and therefore rapidly simplify the development of "userspace modules".

The "userspace module" is a logical component consisting of three parts:
(1) Kernel module
(2) Userspace application
(3) Communication layer between (1) and (2)

The communication layer should be generic enought to cover most of the current kernel-to-driver interfaces. The usage of userspace modules will allow the developer to move most of the functionality to userspace and thus minimize potential impact of the negative aspects described above.

The thesis should consist of:
(a) research how userspace modules should be implemented (unified communication, tools, etc.)
(b) proof-of-concept implementation
[1] Peter Jay Salzman, Michael Burian, Ori Pomerantz: The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide -
[2] The Linux Kernel Archives:
[3] Andrew S. Tanenbaum: Modern Operating Systems
[4] Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Albert S. Woodhull: Operating Systems Design and Implementation
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