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Interakce antibiotik s potravinami
Thesis title in Czech: Interakce antibiotik s potravinami
Thesis title in English: Food interactions of antibiotics
Key words: antibiotika, potrava, interakce
English key words: antibiotics, food, interactions
Academic year of topic announcement: 2019/2020
Type of assignment: diploma thesis
Thesis language: čeština
Department: Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology (16-16170)
Supervisor: doc. PharmDr. Jana Pourová, Ph.D.
Author: hidden - assigned by the advisor
Date of registration: 24.10.2019
Date of assignment: 13.12.2019
Date and time of defence: 01.06.2021 08:00
Date of electronic submission:03.04.2021
Date of proceeded defence: 01.06.2021
Reviewers: PharmDr. Alejandro Carazo Fernández, Ph.D.
Cílem práce je vypracovat přehled hlavních interakcí mezi potravinami a antibiotiky.
Odborné publikace a databáze.
Preliminary scope of work
1. Úvod
2. Interakce léčiv a jejich význam
3. Klinicky důležité interakce antibiotik s potravinami
4. Diskuse
5. Závěr
Preliminary scope of work in English
1. Introduction
2. Drug interactions and their importance
3. Clinically important food-antibiotic interactions
4. Discussion
5. Conclusions
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