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Teorie magnetoelastické interakce ve sloučenině PrCuAl3
Thesis title in Czech: Teorie magnetoelastické interakce ve sloučenině PrCuAl3
Thesis title in English: Theory of magnetoelastic interaction in the PrCuAl3 compound
Key words: Krystalové pole v systému korelovaných a lokalizovaných 4f elektronů, Magnetoelastická interakce v systému s lokalizovanými 4f elektrony
English key words: Crystal field in the system of correlated and localized 4f electrons, Magnetoelastic interaction in the localized 4f electron system
Academic year of topic announcement: 2019/2020
Type of assignment: Bachelor's thesis
Thesis language:
Department: Department of Condensed Matter Physics (32-KFKL)
Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Martin Diviš, CSc.
Advisors: RNDr. Milan Klicpera, Ph.D.
Studium odborné literatury, úprava již existujících programů, porovnání teoretických a experimentálních dat.
[1] F Han, A modern course in the quantum theory of solids, World Scientific Publishing, 2013; k dispozici elektronicky
[2] M. Klicpera et al., Magnetic properties of RCuAl3 (R = Pr and Nd) compounds, JALCOM 781 (2019) 1189; k dispozici elektronicky
[3] M. Diviš et al., Magnetoelastic interactions in the orthorhombic RCu2 compounds, JPCM 2 (1990) 7569; k dispozici elektronicky
Preliminary scope of work
Určeno zájemcům o studium teoretické fyziky.
Preliminary scope of work in English
Bachelor thesis is fixed to students of theoretical physics.
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