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Determinants of overall domestic performance of a motion picture
Thesis title in Czech: Faktory ovlivňující celkové tržby filmových snímků na severoamerickém trhu
Thesis title in English: Determinants of overall domestic performance of a motion picture
Academic year of topic announcement: 2018/2019
Type of assignment: Bachelor's thesis
Thesis language: angličtina
Department: Institute of Economic Studies (23-IES)
Supervisor: RNDr. Michal Červinka, Ph.D.
Author: hidden - assigned by the advisor
Date of registration: 14.05.2019
Date of assignment: 31.05.2019
Date and time of defence: 08.09.2020 09:00
Venue of defence: Opletalova - Opletalova 26, O105, Opletalova - místn. č. 105
Date of electronic submission:31.07.2020
Date of proceeded defence: 08.09.2020
Reviewers: Mgr. Tomáš Kučera
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Motion picture and television industries have fundamental impact on both local and national economies. For example, the filming of “Captain America: Winter’s Solider” boosted Ohio’s economy by $31 million (Fried, 2015). In addition it employs local workers, brings film-induced tourism and foreign capital into shooting locations. Recently, the industry experience rapid changes, eg. breaking sales records only days after being set and thus I find it meaningful to examine which factors affects theatrical revenues and also review past studies concerning this topic.

First, I intend to review past studies and literature, add recent data and subsequently use regression analysis. Preliminary analysis shows that the opening weekend box office performance of the US films at the domestic (North American) market becomes more and more reliable predictor for the overall revenues. Our primary objective is to examine the relationship between opening weekend box office performance and consequent success (in terms of revenue) of a motion picture using publicly available data and its development throughout past two decades. Additionally, I would like to review Mrs. Dvořáková´s thesis studying pre-release factors concerning European motion pictures as high-risk business projects and apply key elements of her study to the US market data including also period 2017-2019. Moreover, I would like to attempt at identifying other factors affecting opening weekend US box office itself such.

In my thesis I plan to use regression analysis on data from International Movie Database ( and Box Office Mojo ( and other sources.
Jeffrey Wooldridge (2009), Introductory econometrics: A modern approach, 4e International Edition, South Western Cengage Learning

Adéla Dvořáková (2017), Determinants of the Box Office Success in the European Film Market, diplomová práce, Masarykova Univerzita, Katedra financí

Barrie Gunter (2018), Predicting Movie Success at the Box Office, Palgrave Macmillan, Cham

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Lubbers, Charles, and Mika, Deborah (2019), “User-generated reviews, genre, MPAA rating and time in theater as correlates of movie box-office revenues”, Quarterly Review of Business Disciplines, edited by Margaret Goralski, International Academy of Business Disciplines, 5(3), 163-182

Fried, N. (2015) “U.S. film and TV production drives economic growth in every corner of America” Retrieved from
Preliminary scope of work
1. Introduction
2. Literature review
3. Data and variables
4. Methodology
5. Results & Interpretation
6. Summary and Conclusion
7. References
Preliminary scope of work in English
1. Introduction
2. Literature review
3. Data and variables
4. Methodology
5. Results & Interpretation
6. Summary and Conclusion
7. References
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