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Conceptualizing Location – One term, many meanings, a lot of problems
Thesis title in Czech: Conceptualizing Location – One term, many meanings, a lot of problems
Thesis title in English: Conceptualizing Location – One term, many meanings, a lot of problems
Key words: Geopolitické studie, umístění, stát, velká strategie, zahraniční politika
English key words: Geopolitical studies, Location, State, Grand Strategy, Foreign Policy
Academic year of topic announcement: 2016/2017
Thesis type: diploma thesis
Thesis language: angličtina
Department: Department of Political Science (23-KP)
Supervisor: Nuno Morgado Valentim Albino, M.Pol.Sc., Ph.D.
Author: hidden - assigned by the advisor
Date of registration: 28.06.2017
Date of assignment: 28.06.2017
Date and time of defence: 21.09.2018 08:00
Venue of defence: Jinonice - U Kříže 8, Praha 5, J3093, Jinonice - místn. č. 3093
Date of electronic submission:31.07.2018
Date of proceeded defence: 21.09.2018
Opponents: doc. Martin Riegl, Ph.D.
URKUND check:
Choice between different methodological approaches must follow research goal we wish to accomplish and the research questions we wish to answer. Since, the first research question deals with literature assessment, method that we will implement in order to determine the ways in which different authors defined and used the concept of Location will be content analysis. This method will allow us to analyze the meaning assigned to the concept of Location in selected text in order to provide a systemic overview of those definitions and usages. Following that, in order to answer our second research question on whether it is possible to re-conceptualize Location we must implement a method of concept formation. Using this method we will be able not only to attempt re-creating the Concept but also to critically assess why current usage is insufficient. At the end, in order to provide an answer to the question if our re-conceptualization endeavor is successful or not in providing better explanations we will employ the method of case study, or to be more precise controlled comparison.

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