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Czech Telecommunications Market before the Entry of Fourth Player: Strategic Analysis
Thesis title in Czech: Český telekomunikační trh před vstupem čtvrtého hráče: Strategická analýza
Thesis title in English: Czech Telecommunications Market before the Entry of Fourth Player: Strategic Analysis
Key words: Strategie, Telekomunikace, Czech Republic
English key words: Strategy, Telecommunications, Czech Republic
Academic year of topic announcement: 2012/2013
Type of assignment: Bachelor's thesis
Thesis language: angličtina
Department: Institute of Economic Studies (23-IES)
Supervisor: doc. Ing. Tomáš Cahlík, CSc.
Author: hidden - assigned by the advisor
Date of registration: 07.06.2012
Date of assignment: 07.06.2012
Date and time of defence: 18.06.2013 00:00
Venue of defence: IES
Date of electronic submission:11.05.2013
Date of proceeded defence: 18.06.2013
Reviewers: Ing. Monika Martišková, Ph.D.
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Preliminary scope of work in English
Strategy and the strategic planning are THE words of the business. All successful businessman
talk about their company’s strategies and where they got them. But what does the term “strategy”
really means and what does it incorporates? The goal of this paper is to summarize the main
aspects of the strategic planning process – the internal and external analysis, strategy
formulation, implementation as well as its evaluation. The focus will be place on the first
two stages as they create the core of strategic planning itself. The main tools used such as
Porter’s Five Forces model, SWOT analysis or the BCG matrix shall be covered and explained as well.

Telecommunication industry has been experiencing enormous changes during last few years and affronts
complete reassessment its strategic goals and strategic options and therefore provides with an
excellent and interesting option for a case study. Consequently, the application of general theory
shall be carried on the example of telecommunication in the Czech Republic as this mature market
faces new challenge in form of roll-out of LTE but also the expected entry of the fourth telecom

This paper is written in cooperation with an external consultant from Telefónica O2 Czech Republic.
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