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Franco years in Spain through “El Clásico”: FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid
Thesis title in Czech: Frankova éra ve Španělsku ze zorného úhlu El Clásica: FC Barcelona proti Realu Madrid
Thesis title in English: Franco years in Spain through “El Clásico”: FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid
Key words: Španělsko, Franco, fotbal, fotbal a politika, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, El Clásico
English key words: Spain, Franco, Football and Politics, CF Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, El Clásico
Academic year of topic announcement: 2011/2012
Type of assignment: diploma thesis
Thesis language: angličtina
Department: Department of Political Science (23-KP)
Supervisor: PhDr. Josef Mlejnek, Ph.D.
Author: hidden - assigned by the advisor
Date of registration: 13.03.2012
Date of assignment: 13.03.2012
Date and time of defence: 25.06.2013 00:00
Venue of defence: IPS FSV UK, U kříže 8/661 158 00 Praha 5 – Jinonice
Date of electronic submission:10.05.2013
Date of proceeded defence: 25.06.2013
Reviewers: PhDr. Malvína Krausz Hladká, Ph.D.
The research looks into reasons of the rivalry of FC Barcelona and CF Real Madrid through the historical circumstances after 1939 (start of the Franco rule) to 1975. As well as his role and influence during various transfers of players to Real Madrid, coach decisions or championships, etc. Also I will look into the FC Barcelona representation of the Catalan nationalism during Francois Spain period: the support base, incidents and the newspaper articles of the period.
Burns, Jimmy: Don Patricio O'Connell: An Irishman and the Politics of Spanish Football. Irish Migration Studies in Latin America. March 2008.

Goig, R.L.: Identity, nation-state and football in Spain. The Evolution of nationalist feelings in Spanish Football. Soccer and Society. Vol.9, Issue 1, 2008.

Kuhn, Gabriel. Soccer Vs. the State Tackling Football and Radical Politics. Oakland: Pm, 2011. Print.

Morbo, Ball Phil: The Story of Spanish Football. London: WSC Books, 2006.

Schobe, Hunter: Footbal and the Politcs of Place: Football Club Barcelona and Catalonia, 1975-2005. Journal of Cultural Geography. Vol.25, Issue 1, 2008.
Preliminary scope of work
Diplomová práce zkoumá fenomén El Clásico - největší fotbalové soupeření ve Španělsku mezi FC Barcelona a Realem Madrid - během režimu Francisca Franka. Politika a nacionalismus Španělska budou nahlédnuty pomocí zorného úhlu fotbalu. Důraz je kladen na osobní roli Franka a jeho režimu jako katalyzátorů vývoje tohoto soupeření.
Preliminary scope of work in English
The thesis researches El Clásico – the greatest football rivalry in Spain between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid during Franco regime. Politics and nationalism of Spain looked through the game of football. The accent is made on the personal role of Franco and his regime as the catalyst of the development of the rivalry.
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