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Comment on course, High Performance Ray Tracing [NPGR028, přednáška]
Student has disallowed display of personal data, 30.06.2018, 1. ročník, Informatika, Master's (post-Bachelor)
I really like the idea to show some papers that are not used now (because some others approach are more straighforward or are better implemented),but solve the problem from a different point of view.
Student has disallowed display of personal data, 21.05.2018, 2. Year, Informatika, Master's (post-Bachelor)
Very interesting course. It is composed of about 20 - 30 papers which are explained from presentations of their original authors. The papers themselves are available from SIS, which is useful if you want to really understand something or just dig deeper.

Some of the ideas are state of the art algorithms used in current renderers, while others are more of a niche ideas which are simply good to have in your programmer's toolset to help you think out of the box.

The exam was quite nice, we talked about two papers, one of them chosen by me. It was more about the general ideas and relations rather than low level details or proofs (although some implementation details may come too, it's "high performance" after all :)

I definitely found it useful, even as a game developer.
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