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In the summer semester of the academic year 2021/2022, data collection is allowed from 30.05.2022 until 16.09.2022.
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When the course guarantor is selected, comments will be displayed regarding his/her teaching performance as well as that of all the other teachers teaching the course. If a teacher who is not the course guarantor is selected, only comments related to his/her teaching will be displayed.
doc. Ing. Adam Sporka, Ph.D. [32-KSVI], Adaptive Music and Interactive Audio [NCGD009, přednáška]
Peter Guba, 21.02.2021, 2. Year, Informatika, Master's (post-Bachelor)
Mr Sporka definitely knows a lot about the fields of adaptive music and interactive audio and has presented us with lots of interesting topics throughout the semester. His approach was also very pleasant.
Comment on course, Adaptive Music and Interactive Audio [NCGD009, cvičení]
Student has disallowed display of personal data, 10.02.2021, 2. ročník, Informatika, Master's (post-Bachelor)
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