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Cross-Platform Foreign Correspondence (Summer School) (5759)
Základní informace
Cross-Platform Foreign Correspondence (Summer School)
běží přijímací řízení
Zaměření programu: Program CŽV - zájmový
Uskutečňovatel: Fakulta sociálních věd
Institut komunikačních studií a žurnalistiky [23-IKSZ]
The objective of the course is to get knowledge and skills in foreign correspondence, as well as in reporting in a variety of formats and across multiple platforms, ultimately receiving a new, transformative experience as a cross-platform foreign correspondent. Another objective is to challenge students’ media literacy as they learn how not to manipulate as well as how not to be manipulated by their informants.

During a two-week simulation, guided by professionals and academics, students will report back to their home countries and to other international outlets on the Czech Republic and Central Europe, in a number of formats and across multiple platforms. Students will practice investigative, socio-culturally sensitive journalism, drawing on lessons and workshops delivered by scholars from Charles University, journalists, and other media professionals. They will have access to traditional and emerging technologies as they acquire hands-on experience in cross-platform journalism. The lecturers and professors will be readily available to answer questions, provide assistance, and consult with students about their projects.

The course is interdisciplinary and combines multiple learning methods, including lectures, workshops, round-table discussions, studio work, excursions and field work, work in groups, and presentations by the students themselves.

The final project will be a multimedia presentation by a small group of students, who will simulate the work of foreign correspondents. It is assumed that students will reflect in their presentations the knowledge they have gained during the “territorial” lectures and seminars. Special webpages will be created, where students will publish their output during the course.
Cross-Platform Foreign Correspondence (Summer School)
Date: August 31st – September 14th, 2019


1. Challenges of the Current Foreign Correspondence (lecture).
2. Introduction to Cross-Platform Media (lecture).
3. Digital Skills and Studio Work (practical workshop).
4. Photojournalism (lecture/workshop).
5. Multimedia Storytelling in Journalism Practice (lecture/field work).
6. The Czech Republic - historical and current context (lecture).
7. Social Journalism (lecture/workshop)
8. How to Write an Article (lecture/workshop).
9. Being a Media Literate and Culturally Sensitive Correspondent (lecture).

Requirements for successful participation in the course:
1. Participate actively in the programme (including the final group presentations).
2. Prepare for workshops (by reading materials).
3. Prepare and create one short talk (during the programme, in a TV Lab) with a reflection on the topic of the course.

More is to be found on our website: www.summer-school.fsv.cuni.cz
The programme is intended for students who are currently enrolled in a college or university or recently graduated. A very good level of English is essential for successful participation in the course.

Required documents:
1/ CV (in English language)
2/ Motivation letter
3/ Proof of student’s enrollment in a college or university or of his/her recent graduation
4/ Proof of student’s knowledge of English (if he/she is not a native speaker). We require at least the B2 level of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Students should note that the summer school classes are not part of the standard curriculum and we therefore have to charge them to cover our costs. Everybody who wishes to attend these classes must pay a fee of EUR 990.

Podmínky absolvování a kvalifikace
Certifikace: Osvědčení o absolvování programu
Bez kreditů / v případě odevzdání evaluačního videa 8 ECTS
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Garant a místo
PhDr. Jakub Končelík, Ph.D.
Institut komunikačních studií a žurnalistiky
Institut komunikačních studií a žurnalistiky
Termín a délka
letní semestr, Září
50 (v hodinách celkem)
Podrobnosti v rozvrhu
Poplatky a financování
990 EUR / program
Uvedená cena je za osobu a program.
Mgr. Jana Teplá, Ph.D.
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