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Supporting real-time features in a hierarchical component system
Název práce v češtině: Supporting real-time features in a hierarchical component system
Název v anglickém jazyce: Supporting real-time features in a hierarchical component system
Akademický rok vypsání: 2009/2010
Typ práce: diplomová práce
Jazyk práce: angličtina
Ústav: Katedra softwarového inženýrství (32-KSI)
Vedoucí / školitel: doc. RNDr. Petr Hnětynka, Ph.D.
Řešitel: skrytý - zadáno a potvrzeno stud. odd.
Datum přihlášení: 26.10.2009
Datum zadání: 26.10.2009
Datum a čas obhajoby: 24.05.2010 00:00
Datum odevzdání elektronické podoby:24.05.2010
Datum proběhlé obhajoby: 24.05.2010
Oponenti: doc. RNDr. Jan Kofroň, Ph.D.
Zásady pro vypracování
Real-time embedded software systems are becoming increasingly complex, providing more functionality such as coordination, cooperation, interoperability, autonomy, and improved fault tolerance. However, they are usually developed without an explicit architecture and without reusing already developed parts.

The goal of the thesis is to design and implement a profile of the SOFA 2 component system, which should target high-integrity real-time and embedded systems (especially air- and space-craft onboard systems). The implementation should be written in C language and has to be as much as possible compatible with the current SOFA 2 version. Also, the implementation should reuse as much as possible the existing SOFA 2 tools and code.
Seznam odborné literatury
Bures, T., Hnetynka, P., Plasil, F.: SOFA 2.0: Balancing Advanced Features in a Hierarchical Component Model, Proceedings of SERA 2006, Seattle, USA, Aug 2006

Bures, T., Hnetynka, P., Plasil, F.: Runtime Concepts of Hierarchical Software Components, In International Journal of Computer & Information Science, Vol. 8, No. S, ISSN 1525-9293, pp. 454-463, Sep 2007

Prochazka, M., Ward, R., Tuma, P., Hnetynka, P., Adamek, J.: A Component-Oriented Framework for Spacecraft On-Board Software, Proceedings of DASIA 2008, DAta Systems In Aerospace, Palma de Mallorca, European Space Agency Report Nr. SP-665, ISBN 978-92-9221-229-2, May 2008

SOFA 2, http://sofa.ow2.org/
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