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XML Schema Evolution
Název práce v češtině: Evoluce XML schémat
Název v anglickém jazyce: XML Schema Evolution
Klíčová slova: XML, modelování XML dat, evoluce XML dat, XSem
Klíčová slova anglicky: XML, modeling XML data, XML data evolution, XSem
Akademický rok vypsání: 2008/2009
Typ práce: diplomová práce
Jazyk práce: angličtina
Ústav: Katedra softwarového inženýrství (32-KSI)
Vedoucí / školitel: doc. RNDr. Irena Holubová, Ph.D.
Řešitel: skrytý - zadáno a potvrzeno stud. odd.
Datum přihlášení: 04.11.2008
Datum zadání: 04.11.2008
Datum a čas obhajoby: 24.05.2010 00:00
Datum odevzdání elektronické podoby:15.11.2010
Datum proběhlé obhajoby: 24.05.2010
Oponenti: RNDr. Jakub Klímek, Ph.D.
Zásady pro vypracování
Since XML has become a de-facto standard for data representation and manipulation, there exists a huge amount of applications having their data represented in XML. However, since most of applications are dynamic, sooner or later the structure of the data needs to be changed, whereas we still need to be able to work with the old as well as new data. We speak about so-called schema evolution, i.e. encountering the situation that XML schema of the data is updated and we need to apply these updates on the respective XML documents or even XML operations (queries) so that they become valid and relevant again.
The aim of this work is a research on possibilities and limitations of techniques for XML schema evolution. First of all it is necessary to analyze existing solutions (both theoretical and commercial) and to discuss their advantages and disadvantages. The core of the work should be a proposal and implementation of own approach dealing with the identified disadvantages. The work will include experimental results.
Seznam odborné literatury
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