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Best predictors of apartment prices: Empirical Evidence from Czechia
Název práce v češtině: Optimální ukazatele cen bytů: Empirická analýza pro Českou republiku
Název v anglickém jazyce: Best predictors of apartment prices: Empirical Evidence from Czechia
Akademický rok vypsání: 2017/2018
Typ práce: bakalářská práce
Jazyk práce: angličtina
Ústav: Institut ekonomických studií (23-IES)
Vedoucí / školitel: Petr Pleticha, M.Sc.
Řešitel: Mgr. Ondřej Šváb - zadáno vedoucím/školitelem
Datum přihlášení: 25.05.2018
Datum zadání: 25.05.2018
Datum a čas obhajoby: 09.09.2019 09:00
Místo konání obhajoby: Opletalova - Opletalova 26, O105, Opletalova - místn. č. 105
Datum odevzdání elektronické podoby:31.07.2019
Datum proběhlé obhajoby: 09.09.2019
Oponenti: PhDr. Karolína Vozková, Ph.D.
Kontrola URKUND:
Seznam odborné literatury
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Předběžná náplň práce
Research question and motivation
I would like to study the growing prices of a real estate that has been rapidly growing last few years in many European metropolises as well as in the Czech Republic. More precisely said, if we talk about the Czech Republic, we focus on Prague and other major towns of particular districts in the country. The growth of prices will be compared with other macroeconomic determinants as unemployment or economic growth. The significance of this work is given by the possibility of the real estate market’s overheating. It could lead to the creation of price bubbles which are harmful to economic stability. The price bubble in real estate markets contributed to the
Great recession after the steep decline in housing prices. Since the collateral of property has a lower current price. If there is an insolvent creditor, banks have a higher loss due to mortgages provided on the overvalued housing.

I would like to conduct empirical analysis based on existing data. Moreover, the literature has to be updated since statistical offices publish new figures each quartile. Most of the papers, to my knowledge, are not up to date. The increase of prices has changed last years. Thus, the expectation of raising interest rates by the Central Bank could slow down the growth. Results might be used as a warning sign for the real estate market. The model might determine whether the price of a currently selling asset is adequate or not. From another point of view, there are only few scholars in our country who have studied this economic area. For instance, I would like
to build on the literature of M. Hlaváček, L. Komárek or P. Zemčík.

I am going to use data provided by the Czech statistical office and by Eurostat. Using those time series data, e.g. Housing index prices, the unemployment rate or the economic growth in a region, I would like to create a statistical model. Comparing relevant variables, the hypothesis of the bubbling market should be tested. Moreover, applying the basic econometric methods, I would like to analyze the real estate market in the Czech Republic.

1. Introduction
2. Literature review
3. Summarization of methods used in the analysis
4. Description of collected data
5. Analysis of the model and testing hypothesis
6. Empirical macroeconomic consequences and their impact on the market
7. Conclusion
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