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Aplikovaná etika

Study branch

Study branch code 6101V025
Type of study programme doctoral
Form of study full-time, combined
Standard length of study 3 years
Title doctor
Rigorosum procedure no
Variant of study one-branch study
Language of instruction Czech

Language versions of name

Language Name
CzechAplikovaná etika
EnglishApplied Ethics
LatinEthica usui applicata


of Aplikovaná etika (D; 6101V025; 6101V025; 3 years; FHS; cs; P,K; 1branch)Subject area board of Aplikovaná etika (D; 6101V025; 6101V025; 3 years; FHS; cs; P,K; 1branch)

Faculty of CU

Name Accreditation status Status of instruction Requirements for admission to study WhoIS
Faculty of Humanities accredited to complete the studies of current students taught Form of study: combined
Form of study: full-time

Units participating in instruction

No other units

Study profile and learning outcomes

Study profile

Learning outcomes

Absolvent doktorského studijního oboru Aplikovaná etika má odborné teoretické i praktické znalosti z oblasti filosofie, antropologie a etiky, zná metody a principy vědecké práce a je dobře vybaven pro řešení etických problémů na vědeckých, odborných, ale i jiných pracovištích. Absolvent je schopen podílet se na tvorbě, aplikaci a výkladu etických kodexů. Je dobře připraven pro výuku aplikované etiky a členství v etických komisích.

Study profile

Learning outcomes

Graduates of the doctoral study program Applied Ethics have knowledge specialized in the fields of philosophy, anthropology and ethics, both theoretical and practical. They are qualified in methods and principles of scientific research and have an extensive educational background for dealing with and solving ethical problems at research institutions and other professional positions. Graduates are experienced in forming, applying and interpreting ethical codes. Graduates are well-prepared to teach Applied Ethics and participate in a range of ethical committees.