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Clinical Pharmacy

Study branch

Study branch code 5206V010
Type of study programme doctoral
Form of study full-time, combined
Standard length of study 4 years
Title doctor
Rigorosum procedure no
Variant of study one-branch study
Language of instruction English

Faculty of CU

Name Accreditation status Status of instruction Requirements for admission to study WhoIS
Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové accredited not taught Has not been opened to admissions Detail

Units participating in instruction

No other units

Study profile and learning outcomes

Study profile

Learning outcomes

Graduates in the doctoral program of Clinical Pharmacy have profound knowledge and necessary skills to identify non-rational use of drugs and promote their rational use. They will be well qualified to carry out drug research in the post-marketing phase as well as to analyze the therapeutic value of pharmacotherapy and its risks for the society. Within the framework of pharmaceutical care, they will be able to maximize the benefit of pharmacotherapy and minimize its risks in a particular patient.
The graduates can pursue a career in the Pharmacovigilance Department at the State Institute for Drug Control and similar institutions all over the world, in health insurance companies, in the pharmacovigilance and clinical departments of pharmaceutical companies, and also as clinical pharmacists in hospitals.