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Courses overview, academic year 2016/2017
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detailNDGF001Seminar on Dynamic Geoid Modellingboth 0/2 C [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF002Seminar on Contemporary Problems in Geodynamicsboth 0/2 C [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF003Modelling Seismic Wave Fieldsboth 2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF004Inversion of Seismic Wave Fields and Travel Timesboth 2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF006Seismic Waves in Inhomogeneous Anisotropic Mediaboth 2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF007Motion, Gravity Field and Shape of the Earthboth 2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF008Interference Seismic Wavesboth 2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF010Seminar on Contemporary Problems in Seismologyboth 0/2 C [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF012Earth Rotation for Ph.D. Studentswinterwinter s.:2/0 Ex [HT]
summer s.:2/0 Ex [HT]
detailNDGF013Continuum Mechanics for Ph.D. Studentssummersummer s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF014Geomagnetism and Geoelectricity for Ph.D. Studentssummersummer s.:2/1 C+Ex [HT]
winter s.:2/0 Ex [HT]
detailNDGF015Mantle and Lithosphere Dynamics for Ph.D. Studentsboth 2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF016Seismology for Ph.D. Studentssummersummer s.:2/1 C+Ex [HT]
winter s.:2/0 Ex [HT]
detailNDGF017Fundamentals of Continuum Mechanicsboth 2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF018Boundary Value Problems of Physical Geodesy for Ph.D. Studentswinterwinter s.:2/0 Ex [HT]
summer s.:2/0 Ex [HT]
detailNDGF019Selected chapters from inverse problemssummersummer s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF020Induced seismicity and industrial applicationssummersummer s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF021Methods of determination of Earth’s gravitational field and positionwinterwinter s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF022Seminar on Seismological Softwareboth 0/2 C [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF023Basics of seismic wave theoryboth 2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF024Earthquake hazardwinterwinter s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF025Seminar on Software for Geophysicistsboth 0/2 C [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF026Mathematical Methods for Study of the Gravitational Field and Figure of the Earthwinterwinter s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF027Finite-difference Numerical Modeling in Geophysicswinterwinter s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF028Mathematical methods in geophysics for doctoral studentsboth 3/3 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF029Advanced mathematical methods in geophysicsboth 2/2 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF030Engineering seismologyboth 2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNDGF031Global geophysicswinterwinter s.:2/1 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO002Seismic Waves Propagationwinterwinter s.:2/1 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO005Fourier Spectral Analysissummersummer s.:2/1 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO006Ionosphere and Magnetosphere Physicssummersummer s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO011Practical Course in Seismologysummersummer s.:0/2 C [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO016Structure of the Earthwinterwinter s.:3/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO017Gravity Field and Shape of the Earthwinterwinter s.:2/1 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO022Numerical Methods in Fortransummersummer s.:3/1 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO029Review of Geophysicswinterwinter s.:2/1 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO030Rotation of the Earthwinterwinter s.:3/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO032Ray Methods in Seismologywinterwinter s.:2/1 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO034Seismic surface waveswinterwinter s.:2/1 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO035Dynamics of Mantle and Lithospherewinterwinter s.:2/2 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO042Electromagnetic Induction Sounding of the Earthsummersummer s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO049High Frequency Modelling of Seismic Source Effectssummersummer s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO057Methods of Geophysical Data Processingsummersummer s.:2/1 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO061Electromagnetic induction and conductivity of the Earthsummersummer s.:2/1 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO069Continuum Mechanics IIwinterwinter s.:2/2 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO072Plate tectonics and subduction of lithospheresummersummer s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO074Earthquake source physicssummersummer s.:2/1 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO076Inverse Problems and Modelling in Physicssummersummer s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO078Continuum Mechanicssummersummer s.:2/1 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO080Geomagnetism and Geoelectricitywinterwinter s.:3/1 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO081Inverse Problems and Modelling in Geophysicssummersummer s.:2/2 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO082Seismologywinterwinter s.:2/1 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO083Seminar on Seismologyboth 0/3 C [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO084Seminar on Geodynamicsboth 0/2 C [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO086Boundary Value Problems of Physical Geodesy and Shape of Earth Iwinterwinter s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO087Boundary Value Problems of Physical Geodesy and Shape of Earth IIsummersummer s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO088Seismic Anisotropywinterwinter s.:2/1 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO089Rotation of the Earth IIsummersummer s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO090Introductory Seminar on Physics of the Earth and planetssummersummer s.:0/2 C [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO095Spectral Methods in Geophysicsboth 2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO096Introduction to Planetary Sciencessummersummer s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO097Theoretical Foundations of Ray Methodssummersummer s.:2/1 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO099Geophysical modeling of planetssummersummer s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO100Selected chapters on geodynamo theorywinterwinter s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO101Excercises in geodynamicswinterwinter s.:0/4 C [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO102Inverse modeling in geodynamicswinterwinter s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO103Strong motion seismologywinterwinter s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO104Free oscillations of the Earthwinterwinter s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO105Basics of rotational seismologysummersummer s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNGEO106Thermodynamics of Natural Systemssummersummer s.:2/1 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNMAF001Selected Chapters on Partial Differential Equationssummersummer s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNPRF017Fortran Programmingwinterwinter s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNPRF018Computers in Geophysicswinterwinter s.:2/1 C+Ex [HT]32-KG11320
detailNPRF039Fortran 95 and Parallel Programmingsummersummer s.:2/0 Ex [HT]32-KG11320
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